TABLE OF HUNTS AND THEIR TERRIERS At the end of 1929/1930 season

Compiled by Major Sir Jocelyn Lucas

Pack & Name Of Master

Breed or type of terriers kept,number in kennel and whether bred or bought.

How taken with hounds

Type of earths found

Aldershot Commans 1928-9 (Major knight Bruce.)

Border. 4 bred or bought. Also helped by Major Pawson’s team.

Run behind earth stoppers cycle or carried on horse back.

Sandy some very big.

Ashford Valley (Messrs.H. Buckland & A.C. Beattle.) 

 Two Jack Russells crossed with Marion Wilson, and one smooth.

Horseback or run with hounds.

Deep breeding

Atherstone (Mahor E. Ramsden.)

Any breed so long as game.

In car.

Grass, all kinds except rocky

Barlow (Major W. Wilson.)

Fox, rough-coated, non-pedigree. 3-5 home bred.


Rocks, old surface workings, stone drains, or artificial.

Beaufort (The Duke of Beaufort.)  

Jack Russell 4-3 bred, 1 bought. 


Sandy, deep breeding, and drains.

Bedale (W. Burdon. Esq.)

Fox-Terrier or old original Sealyham type. 3 couples bred by W. Horton, Esq or by Mrs. Burdon.

Run to meet, then follow in car.

Every type of earth.

Bicestor and Warden Hill (H.M. Budgett, Esq.)

Small fox-terrier. 5 all kennel bred all carried on horseback.

All carried on horseback.

All sorts of earths

Bilsdale and Haydon (Major H. Sleigh)

Fox-terrier or Jack Russell. Big dogs that can gallop preferred.Bred (only 2 per litter good enough).

Run with hounds

No information on earth types

Blencathra (R.J Holdsworth, Esq)

Lakeland, pure or cross, About 6, kennel bred.

Follow huntsman coupled together.

Rock cairns or borrans.

Border Hounds (Jacob Robson, Esq)

Borders 4 kennel bred.

Run with hounds.

Rock, sand, and moss earths, and former predominate

Braes of Derwent (Lewis Priestman Esq.)

Fox non pedigree. 6-8 non-pedigree.


Runner, Earth all sorts

Bramham Moor (Earl Harewood, K.G.)

Jack Russell. 2 or 3, Hunt relies on Mr. Lucas, of Leeds.

Hunt relies on Mr. Lucas, of Leeds, who always runs with hounds and has good terriers.

All sorts

Brecon (John D. Evans, Esq) 

No preference so long as not bred for show. Number varies, bought or bred.


Rocks, sand and drains.

Brocklesby (Earl of Yardborough and Capt. H.A. Jaffray.)

Any breed if good. 5-6 bred or bought.

Carried on horseback, and run most of the way. but not often with the hounds.

Deep, natural earths in chalk or sand.

Cattistock (Rev. E.A. Milne and Major Lord Digby, D.S.O, MC.)

All sorts so long as small and plenty of pluck 6-8. Bought.

Carried on horse, half day, run with hounds the rest.

Deep breeding

Chiddingfold (Francis Barlow, Esq and J.H. Naumann, Esq)

Jack Russell type, kennel terriers.

On bicycle or in car.

Big earths in sand, smaller in clay.

Cleveland A Committee (Col Wharton. Major Turton. Miss Wharton)

Rough, non pedigree. 3-4 led by runner.

Led by runner.

Earths chiefly rocks, mine cracks, and drains.

Clifton-on-teme (G. Joynson Esq.)

Fox-terrier, rough, long on leg, narrow shoulders. 3 bred in kennel.

Run with hounds.

All types of earth.

College Valley  (Cat the Hon. Claud (langton and Cast. A.L. Goodson.)

Border. Mostly belong to hunt followers. A few live at the Masters residence, none in kennel.

Generally run with the hounds.

All sorts (except artificial) including peat and moss holes.

Coniston (Bruce Logan, Esq.) 

Cross bred fell type, 15-16lbs. About 6, kennel bred.

Couple together and follow whip or hunstmen, both of whom are on foot.

Moorland and fell. Big rock earths on the fells, rabbit earths in the low-lands.

Crawley and Horsham (The Hon. Guy Cubitt.)

White, Propose breeding in future.

Runner or Car.

Chalk or downs, clay in Weald of Sussex, and sand in forest.

Croome (Major W.H. Taylor and Lt-Col. Wiggin.)

Fox, non-pedigree. 6 Kennel bred or “begged”.

Led by runner.

Deep breeding earths

Cumberland Foxhounds (Sir Wilfred Lawson.)

Border, non-pedigree. 2 bought. Left at convenient spots on hunting days.

Left at convenient spots on hunting days.

Rocky earths.

Dulverton (Lord Poltimore and C.L. Hancock, Esq.)

Devonshire working terrier. 3 couples, all kennel bred except one.

Run to meet, carried by second horseman, run home.

Every sort of earth including “washouts”.

East Sussex (Lt.-Com. H. Sydney Egerton R.N.) 

Jack Russell type, going back to Ben Capell’s Blue Cap and Victor Cartwright’s dogs. 4-5 bred


Deep breeding and badger earths

Eskdale and Ennerdale (W. Porter, Esq.)

Working fox-terrier 10-12

Walk with huntsman (unmounted.)

Rocky Earths

Exmoor (Lt.-Col. R.C. Negus.)

Jack Russell (Non-pedigree), small as possible. About 6, and never used for badger digging.

Carried in terrier bag.

Sandy, and generally shallow.

Fowey Harries (Lady Vivian.)

Sealyham. Runner.


Deep breeding, rabbit earth or drains.

Hambledon (Jack Blake, Esq.)

Jack Russell, Sealyham and Fox.

Morris Cowley car with tools complete.

All sorts except rocky.

Heythrop (Major Daly.)

Fox, or wire and Border crossed. About 4.

Run with hounds. Rocky and deep.

Rocky and deep.

Holderness (Major Newland Hillas and Capitan A. Bethell.)

Fox-terrier. 3. 

Carried on horseback or by earth stopper on motor-bicycle.

Artificial earths and drains

Island (Co. Wexford.) (Lt-Col G Hudson Kinahan.)

Smooth fox-terrier 3. kennel bred

Run to meet with hounds, then by car.

Breeding earths.

Lanarkshire and Redfrewshire (Scotland)(Charles Collins, Esq.)

Border non-pedigree bred or bought.

Led by runner.

Artificial, rocky, or rabbit burrows.

Lauderdale (W. Mitchell, Esq.)

Roughhaired fox 2-3, Bred or gifted.

Run with hounds, taken by car or left at nearest farm.

Every sort of natural earth.

Leconfield’s (Lord) (Lord Leconfield.)

No preference so long as small and game.

No information on travel

No information on earth types 

Lamerton (John Lethbridge, Esq.)

Jack Russell type, working pedigree. 3-4 entered and puppies, bred or bought.

No information on travel

Deep badger earths

Llandebie and Penllergan (H.L. Lang-Coath, Esq, and W.D. John Esq.)

Smooth Fox terrier. 4-5 bred and bought, breed entirely in future.

Runner or following man on horseback

Mountain and woodland rocky and old mines.

Llangibby  (E. Pemberton Steer, Esq.)

Wire fox, kennel bred, bought or bred.


Deep breeding, rabbit earths or drains.

Louth (Ireland) (Captain Filgate)

Fox-terrier, non-pedigree. 4-6, kennel bred

Not used except cubbing

No information on earths

Mendip ( Captain G. Hodgekinson and Captain D.M. Mills) 

Fox or Jack Russell, with or without pedigree. 4, 2 bred 2 bought.

Taken by Master’s wife in car.

Rocky, deep breeding, and drains.

Meynell (C. Hilton Green, Esq, and Major Hardy.)

Terriers not used after cubbing season

No information on travel.

No information on earth types

Middleton (Ly-Col. M Norwick, D.S.O.)

No preference.  5-6, some kennel breed.

Carried in bag on horse back.

Deep breeding, and few drains.

Milvain’s (Lt-Col.) (Lt-Col. Milvain.)

Border and rough-haired white. 4-5.

Run to meet, then shut up or led by runner.


North Cornwall  (Captain R.H. Hall.) 

Jack Russell. 6. kennel bred. Led by runner.

Led by runner.

Rocky or deep breeding earths.

North Cotswold (Major E. Fielden, M.C.) 

Jack Russell. 6, kennel bred. Led by runner.

Led by runner.

Pasture, plough and wood, sandy and drains.

North Herefordshire (Major T.C. Jones.)

Border and cross-bred Jack Russell.

Led by runner.

No information on earth types

North Tyne (B. Chorlton Esq.)

Border. 3, kennel bred.

Run with hounds.

Run with hounds. Rocky

Oakly (Captain E. Arkwright.)

Smooth fox, not too short on leg. 3-4 couples.


Plough, combe, drains, etc.

Pentyrch  (Dr. B. J. Phillips-Jones.) 

Jack Russell type. No pedigree. 6, Kennel bred.


Rocky and deep breeding.

Penylen  (Lt.-Col. Delme Davies-Evans, D.S.O.)

Broken-coated fox, long on legs. 7-8, kennel bred.

Run with second horseman, except one bitch. Who runs with hounds, and is always up within 10 minutes.

Badger earths and rocks.

Percy (Duke of Northumberland.)

Border. 2 or 3. bred or bought.

Follow in car.

All sorts of earth, moorland, rocky on moor and sandy on links, etc.

Portman (Captain W.P. Browne and W.H.B. Scott Esq.)

Mongrol fox or pure Border (or cross between two). 4-6 bred. Borders bought in Northumberland.

Horseback. Borders run with hounds in hilly country.

Big flinty and chalk earths in part hill country, also gravel in other parts. Clay earths and drains in vale.

Quorn (Major Burnaby and Sir Harold Nutting. Bt. )

Rough-haired terriers, not used after cubbing season.

Go with hounds.

No information on earth types

R.A. (Bordon).( Captain Selby Lowndes R.A.)

Border, fox, Cairn. 5. Kennel bred

Led by runner.


Radnorshire and W. Hereford (Major Longueville. )

Border-smooth fox terrier cross, 2, home bred.

Run during cubbing, later left in central place, or taken by car. Terriers are given to farmers scattered over the country. so as to be available if required.

Artificial, badger earths and drains.

Romney Marsh (Mrs. Scott and S.G.R. Barret, Esq.) 

Fox-terriers, 2, bought.

Car and horseback.

Generally in banks on edge of woods. Sandy also badger earths.

Silverton (Captain Garle.)

Pedigree wire and jack Russell. About 4. bred

By car.

Badger and drains

Sinnington (Major Gordon B. Foster.) 

Non-pedigree fox, rather on leg. 6-8.

Run with hounds.

Run with hounds. Rocks and artificial.

South Berks (Guy Hargreaves, Esq.)

Pedigree Fox-terrier, 5-6. Kennel bred.

Sometimes with hounds, otherwise bag or runner.

Flinty and sandy earths.

South Dorset (Lt-Col. Francis Sutton.)

Fox (not Border owning the colour). 12-14, mostly bred.


Sand and earths going down to chalk, no drains.

South Durham (R. Ropner. Esq.)

Half bred fox and Sealyham. 2 home bred, others always at hand of wanted.

Go with hounds to meet, the cart or car is placed in farm near by till sent for. Led by runner.

Natural earths in clay or sand, many drains.

South Hereford (Captain Vivian Helme and G.B. Hoare, Esq.)

Short-legged fox crossed with Sealyham. 6, 2 bred, 4 local.

Led by runner.

Earths chiefly rocks, mine cracks, and drains.

South Oxfordshire (Brig-Gen. Miller, C.B.E., D.S.O.)

Rough fox and Sealyham cross. Bred in kennels.


Deep breeding, some artificial

The South Pembrokeshire (Lord Merthyr and Hon. Anne Lewis.)

Fox and Sealyham cross. Terriers are bought. numbers not stated.

Run with hounds to and from hunting, otherwise in charge of a runner.

Rocky, sandy or deep breeding.

South Shropshire  (Games Whitaker, Esq.)

Jack Russell, 2-3 

In Follower’s motor car.Car and runner.


South Staffordshire (W.T. Norton , Esq.) 

Fox, and Sealyham cross 6, 1 kennel bred.

Car and runner

Sandy earths and clay drain.

South and West Wilts (Isaac Bell, Esq.)

Fox-terrier, rough, wire or smooth. Non-pedigree but old kennel strain. 8, kennel bred.

Follow in motor.

No information on earth types

Staff College Drag (Captain Lumsden.)

Any breed, not too leggy, strong heads. 2, bought of lent.

Terriers follow in Trojan car.

No information on earth types

Stevenstone (Lt-Col. B. James.)

Jack Russell type from North Devon. 5, kennel bred.

Hack to meet, draw with hounds in thick covers, sometimes run, sometimes picked up and taken by car.

Badger holes and big rabbit burrows.

Tanat Side (Major W. Dugdale, D.S.O.)

Rough-coated fox-terrier, non-pedigree, 2, bought. 

Brought. In car or horseback.

Earths, sandy or deep breeding.

Taunton Vale (Lt.-Col. W.H. Speke.)

No particular breed. 4-6, generally bought.

In the Masters car.

No information on earth.

United (C.N. de Courcy Parry, Esq.)

Lakeland, Patterdale from Joe Bowman’s strain (Ullswater kennels). 8 couples kennel breed.

Run with hounds, except 1 couple Sealyhams who go by car.

Rock holes or badger earth.

V.W.H. (Cricklade). (Captain T. Colville.) 

Jack Russell. 6, kennel bred for years.

Go with runner.

Earths all sorts.

Viscount Cowdrays (Viscount Cowdray.)

Fox-terrier non-pedigree. 4, 2bred and 2 bought. 


Mostly breeding and few drains.

Warwickshire (Captain Lord Willoughby de Broke , M.C.)

Fox-terrier. 4, kennel bred.


Deep breeding and few drains.

Waterford (Ireland) (Marquis of Waterford and R. Russell, Esq.)

Sealyham and fox-terrier cross. 2 couple, kennel bred.


Banks, drains and artificial

Wheatland (Miss Frances Pitt.)

No preferences. about 3.


All sorts

Woodland Pytchley (Captain G.E. Belleville.)

Any breed that is bred from a working strain, narrow-chested. 3. bred in kennel.

Carried on horseback. 

Artificial earths and stone drains, some impossible natural dense old quarries.

Worcestershire  (Major H.P. Rushton.)

Sealyham and fox-terrier cross. 3-4 kennel bred.

In hamper or bicycle. Run to meet.

Marl pits.

Wyle Valley  (Mrs. Burgoyne.)

Rough fox-terriers. 3 bought, 2 young ones (bred) coming on.

Morris car

Artificial deep breeding. Mostly chalk.

Zetland (Lord Barnard.)

No particular breed or number. Bought as a rule. 

Carried in bag by second horseman.

Artificial, drains and enlarged rabbit burrows.



Albrighton (Captain Moncton,D.L.)

Fox terrier or Jack Russell, 5 or 6

Run to meet, then carried of horseback

Artificial earths, also sand and clay.

Avon Vale (Wilts) (Captain T. Holland Hibbert)

Non-pedigree, smooth fox terriers and 1 Border. bred or given, 5.

Left in central spot, or follow by car.

Impregnable rock earths, dangerous heaps from bath stone quarries, sandy earths, badger setts and “drocks” (drains).

Axe Vale (P.H. Broom, Esq.)

Jack Russell, kennel bred.

Motorcycle or car

No information on earths

Cambridgeshire (Douglas Crossman, Esq.)

Fox terrier, Jack Russell and Lakeland

Run to the meet and home.

Clay and drains.

Dartmoor (Commander C.H. Davey, O.B.E., R.N.)

Fox terriers, non-pedigree, rather leggy. 10, kennel bred.

Run with second horses.

Rocky tors and cairns.

Dumfriesshire (Sir J. Buchanan Jardine, Bt.)

Fox and Border cross, 6-7, usually kennel bred.

On horseback in bag.

Rocky cairns, sandy and tree roots.

Eglinton (Scotland) (Major Coates, M.F.H.)

Sealyhams (16lbs ideal weight) 3 couples, Kennel bred.

Run to meet with hounds, then shut up till required.

Deep, sandy earths and a great many natural drains.

Fernie Hunt (Lt.-Col.Sir H.A.Wernher. G.C.V.O.)

Fox terriers 2-3

On cycle.

Artificial or deep earths. Terriers rarely used after cubbing.

Flint and Denbigh (Col. R. Williams Wynn.)

Rough coated fox and border. 4-5, bred or bought.

Led by runner

All kinds but terriers not used in rocky earths.

Four Burrow (G.P. Williams, Esq.)

Scorrier fox terriers. 12, kennel bred for 100 years.

Follow second horseman

All sorts of earths

Goathland, The (Captain W.S. Medicott.)

Fox, long-legged. Nil, Hunt depends on owners bringing terriers, 2 or 3 generally out.

Run with hounds

Cairns and badger holes

Grove (Lt.-Col French Blake and Sir Albert Bingham)

Not Border, 2 lent.

Run to meet or carried on horseback.

Sand and artificial 

H.H. (George Evans, Esq.)

Jack Russell type, about 3 couples.

Follow horse to meet, then runner.

Earths in chalk and flint dells.

Hertfordshire (W.H. Cooper, Esq.)

No particular breed, preference for smooth fox terrier, 2-6, bred or bought. 

On horseback or in car

No information on earths

Old Berkshire (A. Paget Stevenson, Esq.)

Sealyham and fox-terrier cross. About a dozen, kennel bred. Property of huntsman.

In box at back of motor-car

Sandy and artificial 

Pembrokeshire (Major Talbot Ponsonby.)

Rough fox terrier or Border, 12.

Carried about in car from point to point till sent for. 

Every sort of earth except artificial. 

Rufford (Mr.  Losco Bradley)

Jack Russell,  4. 

Run to meet with hounds, then led by runner. 

Sandy earths

Seavington (Captain M.C. Cox)

1 rough fox, 1 smooth fox, 1 Sealyham. Bought but will be bred in the future. 

Run to meets, then led by runner or go in car.

Big, deep sandy earths, or gravelly soil, also artificial drains.

Tiarks’ , Mr. (H.Tiarks, Esq.)

Sealyham and Jack Russell cross 3, bred or bought. 

Led by runner

Rocky earths

Tipperary (Ireland) (Sir Thomas Ainsworth,Bt.)

Fox terrier mixed with Lakeland, 8-10, kennel bred.

Taken in car and produced as required.

All sorts of earths

Tiverton (Sir Ian Amory,Bt.)

Jack Russell type 3-4.

Run with hunt, second horses. 

Very little digging done. 

Tredegar’s (Viscount) (The Viscount Tredegar and C.C. Williams, Esq.)

Non-pedigree fox terrier, 4 kennel bred.

On horseback

Every type of earth.

Ynysfor (Wales) (Major Evan B. Jones)

Old Welsh breed, black and tan 4-5 couples, kennel bred for 150 years.

Follow huntsman on foot.

Usually Cairns of loose boulders.