Table Of Otter Hunts & Their Terriers At The End Of 1929/1930 Season

Compiled by Major Sir Jocelyn Lucas

Place and name of Master

Breed or type of terriers kept,number in kennel and whether bred or bought.

How taken with hounds

Type of earths found

Bucks (R.E.A.Uthwarr,Esq)

Fox non-pedigree.bought, 5 bought

Some run with hounds, others kept in van till required.

Not much terrier work,but what there is, is mostly drains.

Bure Valley (Dr. S.Shepard)

Border (pedigree). 1 1/2couples, bred or bought.


Tree roots, drains

Carlisle (H.S.Glaister, Esq)

Pedigree fox and Border, also cross-bred terriers, all used. 14-15lbs. about 6-8, bred or bought.

Run with hounds

Strong tree roots, over hanging banks, rock and stone built drains.

Cheriton (Mrs. Beaumont and A.F. Heaman, Esq)

Working fox terriers from Mr. Littleworth’s strain, 4 bred locally


Clitters in rocks in moorland streams, more commonly tree roots, occasionally drains.

Courtenay Tracey (Major Hussey)

3 bought

Run with hounds

No information on earths

Crowhurst (Sydney Varndell, Esq)

Rough coated, all white, about 14bs.

Run loose with hounds

Wet drains washouts and fox earths near river.

Culmstock (Col.Welch Thornton)

Any small terrier, 3 couples bred or bought.

Taken in hound van

every kind of holt

Dartmoor (major R.J.K. Mott)

Small dead game terriers, any breed. About 4 couples or more, bred or bought.

Run with hounds until otter is marked.

Rock holts, sandy holts, drains

Dumfriesshire (Major J. Bell-Irving)

Border, bred from good old working strains, 12-16lbs. About 6, bred or bought.

Runs with hounds 

Large tree roots, long stone drains (“cundies”) sometimes 3/4 long

Kendal and District (Sir Maurice Bromley Wilson, Bt)

Pedigree Lakeland terriers, about 6, bred, and lent by Mr. Jack Nanson. 


Drains up to 300 yards or more on some rivers, elsewhere tree roots, rock holts and drains.

Northern Counties (Mr. Sadler)

White hunt terriers such as Mr. Barnett had in 1876 . 12-15lbs. 4-6 usually bred, one or two bought.

Usually led by one of the field.

Tree roots,rock holts, and stone drains.

Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen (Major D.G. Protheroe)

1st cross between fox and Sealyham. 1 1/2- 2 couples, generally home bred.

Run with hounds

Tree roots, rock holts, and stone drains.

Staffordshire (Major Dean Atkinson)

Pure bred, small wire coated Sealyhams, 5-6 couples, home bred.

Run with hounds all day, but picked up at kill, as they always get the otter first.

Big root holts, and sometimes old stone drains

Wye Valley (J.R. Thompson, Esq)

Fox, Border or Jack Russell crossed with Sealyham to give short legs. About 10, mostly home bred.

Run till hounds find, then chained up unless strong swimmers.

Roots and drains.