For the Kennel…June 11th, 1910

The Record of the Devon and Somerset Badger Club just issued by Mr. Arthur Heinemann proves what ever good sport has been obtained since that owner of working terriers got together his now famous pack. A total of 212 badgers in four seasons must be a record number, for it is an average of fifty-three a season, and up to date eighty-five, seventy old ones and eighteen cubs-have been taken in the period by the 1910 statistics. Among the thirty odd terrier the Master of the Devon and Somerset Badger Club had out with him were Mr. Tudor Crosthwaite’s Tally Ho! (a Kennel Club champion, and the sire of some especially promising stock) and several of Miss Guest’s Inwood terriers, the last named a strain kept in the Blackmore Vale exclusively for work for many years. The bulk the terrier, as they names imply, have been bred by Mr. Heinemann, and it is interesting to notice that he introduced a change of blood by entering some of the Cumberland Hill terriers, made famous by Tommy Dobson and other salesman, to whom a plucky terrier is a necessity if foxes and badgers are to be bolted from their native fastnesses. A membership roll of more than eighty-among the number being Mr. J.Sidney Turner, Mr. Tudor Crosthwaite, and Mr. Sidney Castle-proves that there is still a large number of badger digging enthusiasts, and they may be interested in knowing that it is hoped to arrange to begin the next series of digs in the first week of August. There will then be the usual crowd in the district for the opening meet of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds at Cloutsham on Aug. 3, and the Lynton Pony Show on the following day. For the next few months there will be no lack of sport. In another part of of the country, by the way, the terriers of Capt. Huth and other members of the Working Terrier Association are doing well, for during the past few weeks successful digs have been arranged in the counties of Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.