No history of working terriers could be complete without the writings of Arthur Heinemann. One of the most known breeders and active terriermen of the early 20th century having used his terriers for fox, otter and badger.

Arthur Blake Heinimann was born in the USA in 1872, although some records i’ve come across state 1971. His father Emil, was born in Germany in 1832 and his mother Emily was born in the USA in 1833. Arthur had 2 sisters, and one brother, his one sister was older, Emily who was born in 1866, Clara was born a year after Arthur in 1873 and a younger brother Spencer born in 1876 in Willingdon, Sussex, England after the family had move abroad.  The family remained in Willingdon at the Rutton house for a number a years and are on 1881 census,

Born in the USA in 1871-72 passed away 1930 in Wiveliscombe, Funeral at Wiveliscombe Church (St. Andrews?)

December 15th Bachelor of Arts degree from Cambridge University

*Marries October 16th, 1896 Heinemann – Frances Ellen Gordon in London.
Arthur Heinemann of Grove Park, Modbury, Ivybridge, Late of Prolock and Johannesburg. To Trot, youngest daughter of Frank Gordon, Esq. of Castor, Peterborough.

August 26th 1897, Wife of arthur gives birth at Brock Hall Porlock.

June 16th 1900 Peep out cottage is for rent, likely Arthur Moved?

1901 Arthur is living as a Boarderer at White Hart on Conduit street in Chelmsford, Essex, England. The head  of the house was Charles and Maude Horne, with Charles being a rather successful hotel proprietor. White Hart at this time employed nine servants, a cook, waitress and two barmaids and having only one son, allowed Arthur to keep the lifestyle he enjoyed most of all.

1905 Arthur was in Hawkcombe, Porlock registered to vote.

*July 25th 1906  at the Lambeth Registry office, marries Hardolphine Mary Petronella (Heinemann) daughter of Sir William Wasteneys of Christian Beck and they live at the Culbone Parsonage, Exmoor, near Porlock, Somerset.

January 1907, Arthur left his wife to stay at the Swan Hotel, Sandhurst, remaining away for 2 months. Today the Swan Hotel is a private residence still located on Bodiam Road in Sandhurst. Arthur claimed to have been working on a book “The Victorian History on the counties of England”.

October 1907 Hardolphine left for London and worked at an embroidery shop until she returned home in December.
In Autumn of 1908, Arthur went to stay at the Imperial Hotel in Barnstaple, his wife left for london again, upon returning she when to Barnstaple and they went back to Culbone Parsonage in February 1909

August 1909, Arthur comes home on Horseback drunk.

October 22nd There was a meeting for the local Badger Club, in which Arthur came home drunk
October 23rd 1909  Hardolphine leaves.

Annie Rawle was first employed by the Heinemann’s returns for visits? 22 years of age in September 1913 and first went to work at age 14.

Arthur slept with 3 to 5 terriers and 2 cats.
******”My Dearest Arthur,- After what has passed. I think i am doing you the greatest possible kindness i can by relieving you from any further responsibility.  Your future will be happier than i hav made the past. I blame myself as thousand times more than i blame you, and remember i shall never be happy again by being away from you”***

****I have tried my utmost to make you happy, but i see how utterly i have failed. So to remedy it i have left you. I know my violent temper is very trying, but you never stop to think of what roboked it. I am going to see a doctor about my nerves and then will try and get work. I hope your life will be happier now i have removed the chief cause of the worry.”

Divorce is Official Wed, April 8th 1914.

June 1914, Wheddon Cross advertisements for his dogs.

Arthur in WW1 1914-May

Lieutenant Arthur Blake HEINEMANN. Royal Field Artillery
March 26th 1916  , came home on 1918?  (possible 1914-1921)

Arthur Heinemann of Langley Marsh, died in 1930, funeral was Wiveliscombe on monday the 3rd, after a few days illness at the Taunton Hospital.