1886 Elterwater Terriers by Mountaineer

1903 The Patterdale Terriers

1903 Unacknowledged Breeds

1903 Patterdale Terriers And Gameness

1907 Badger digging by Arthur Heinemann

1908 Working terriers by Arthur Heinemann

1910 The Streatly Terrier

1910 The Sealyham Terrier Peril

1910 The Terrierman And His Charges

1910 Women In The Otter Hunt

1913 Barnstaple and North Devon Badger Club

1920 The Best Type Of Workers

1962 How Hard Should Hunt Terriers Be? by Ralph Greaves

1981 The Incliffes Blacks

The following links are information on hunts and terriers for 1929/1930 season, compiled by Major Jocelyn Lucas in his book on working terriers.

Table of fox hunts  

Table of otter hunts